Hydrotherapy Jets by South Seas Spas

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to aid in pain relief and maintain health.  Every body is different, which is why we provide a wide variety of Stainless Steel jet options. Treat yourself to the ultimate low back massage with our highly therapeutic Double Roto Jets. Feel the tension in your neck and shoulders melt away while you enjoy the Neck Jets.

Stainless Steel Jets
All of our jets are Stainless Steel.  They range in size and power performance, to provide you with the perfect hydrotherapy massage:
  • 5″ Double Roto
  • 4″ Direct
  • 3″ Direct
  • 2″ Roto
  • 2″ Direct
South Seas Spas Neck Jets
Treat yourself to the ultimate neck and shoulder massage with these revolutionary jets. This innovative design features powerful jets that relieve tightness and relax muscles, melting away tension and pain in a matter of minutes. One soothing moment enjoying the Neck Jets and you will agree that it is superior to any other shoulder or neck massage.
South Seas Spas
South Seas Spas provide multiple jet sizes for maximum massaging.  The jets are strategically placed to target every part of your body.  Larger jets are placed in areas that can handle more strength, like the low back area.  Smaller jets are placed near the calves and arms.  Each jet will provide a customized massage, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.